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Angry Tears

Have you ever been so angry that you started to cry? I know I have. I would stand there trying to look tough and mean, but instead there are tears streaming down my face… great. Why does this happen to me and why is Anger and Sadness linked together this way?

I could get in a fight with someone and be so upset and pissed off and the water works instantly start. Sometimes this uninvited reaction makes me even more upset because it is embarrassing and isn’t something that I can control. Is it some sort of emotional overload where my body and my mind don’t know any other way to react? Is there underlying pain or hurt in the current situation? I feel like it makes me look weak when I cry, which is one main reason why I walk away from confrontations that may lead into fights.

Does this ever happen to you? If so, how do you deal with it? Why do you think it happens?