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Got a great client review today!

I called my landlord this morning and had to leave a voicemail *sigh*

Basically I just asked if I could pay off my debt $1000 at a time and still have a place to live. It’s been 4 hours and still no call back. Should I be worried? Yeah… I thought so.

In other news! I just recently had an uber satisfied client send me a really sweet message this morning about a project I did for him. I am a voice over artist, well… I recently stumbled into it without any training at all so I’m not sure if I can actually call myself that just yet.. but anyway, here is what he had to say:

Allyson, your last audio file was perfect! Your voice conveyed both the “serious” and “sales pitch” messages I wanted conveyed with the narration.

As a former on-air reporter at ABC, I’m going to pay you an additional complement. I gave you a one-minute script and you returned an audio file that was exactly one minute in length. This is a difficult task to achieve for even the most seasoned broadcasters (I know because I’m a former seasoned broadcaster). 🙂

great job!

Man that is so great to read! Because I’d have never seen myself getting paid to read in a million years. Once I started, though, I always thought “wow I suck at this” but at the end of the day, it doesn’t always really matter what I think of my work, it’s what the client thinks, right? RIGHT!

I started writing a post talking ALL about my voice over gig but I’m not even sure I want to post it anymore, I’m so depressed about my current living situation *sigh* Let me not get into it, I really wanted to end this on a positive note. So here we go!




I’m four thousand dollars behind in rent…. and I have 5 days before I’m evicted…. I hate borrowing money especially when I don’t deserve it. I feel really worthless right now, just when things were starting to get better too. I found a new source of income, but it’s a slow start. Hopefully everything will be okay. I guess we will know in 5 days.