I’m In The Blogosphere, WHAT!?

Hey! Check me out! I just started a blog and I’m already talking to myself! How awesome is that?!

Don’t really know how this whole blogosphere thing works, but that’s okay, because if I knew everything already I’d either be extremely bored, or extremely rich. So just incase the later actually happens and I become internet famous  and my head inflates to the size of a good year blimp, here are a few things to embarrass me and put me back in place.

My name is Allyson Michelle, I am an immature 24 year old and I used to pee myself every other day in elementary school….. Hooray for urinary incontinence *Le Gasp* I know a few big words!

I love to sing and play guitar but I am too embarrassed to sing infront of people in person for fear that I might actually suck really bad. Really, my stage fright is so bad, that I haven’t even stepped a foot into this jazz club, that i’ve been living above for over 2 years now. You never know, the lead singer might choke on their own spit, causing a sudden coughing fit so bad that they lose their voice subsequently retiring them for the rest of the night… But alas, the show must go on! “Is there anyone here who can sing?” *cue the spotlight on my face*

I live in what I like to call an Organized Mess, which basically means I have shit everywhere but I know exactly where every piece of shit is. So let’s say I wake up late for my fictitious place of employment, and I need to brush my hair before heading out with a travel toothbrush and 5 hour energy, I’ll know that my brush is in the second drawer of my dresser since I accidentally knocked it in there the day before, banishing it from it’s legal place of residence (aka the top of my dresser), and forgetting to take it out because my reason for knocking it over in the first place was because I was in a hurry to catch my favorite show, or maybe it was to rush to the bathroom… Either way! The moral of this story is that you are awesome for reading this far into my madness.

There will be more to come, assuming I don’t forget about this blog entirely. Seriously, knowing me, I’ll forget my password and get distracted by a stupid video on yahoo’s front page, thus resulting in me going to youtube for another video and spending 5 hours stuck there, clicking related links that actually aren’t related at all, and getting to that weird part of youtube, you know the one where people eat their own scabs, or pop their own pimples, or have babies… *shudder* ALL instead of logging into my email to just simply reset my password…

Yeah, that probably won’t happen. Oh who am I kidding, it just did last week.